We have selected popular places where you can enjoy sightseeing with you children. We will arrange your stay in a Kyo-machiya (traditional residential architecture in Kyoto) guest house instead of usual hotel or ryokan. A whole Kyo-machiya guest house (traditional wooden town house in Kyoto) will be rented for your family.

Route and Time

Day 1 : Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Movie studio)(4 hours including lunch break) >> Arashiyama Monkey Park(60min) >> Togetsu-kyo Bridge(10min) >> Tenryu-ji Temple(30min) >> A stroll in the Nonomiya bamboo groves >> Stay in Kyo-machiya guest house

Day 2 : Walk through Yasaka-jinja Shrine, Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka(60min) >> Kiyomizu-dera Temple(30min) >> (Lunch break(60min)) >> Sanju-sangen-do Temple(30min) >> Tohfuku-ji Temple(60min) >> Fushimi-inari-taisha Shrine(60min)