Recommended for those visiting Kyoto for the first time, those who wish to visit a typical yet serene Kyoto spot, for those who would like to experience things that only Kyoto can offer. At Ryoan-ji Temple, you can admire the philosophical Dry Rock Garden praised by Queen Elizabeth II Herself. At Ninna-ji Temple, you might want to ponder in vast Zen style garden. At Myoshin-ji temple, you can actually participate in an English Zen meditation class. Suzumushi-dera Temple will offer a unique experience where you will listen to the teaching of a monk with songs of crickets in the background.

Route and Time

Ryoan-ji Temple(20min) >> Ninna-ji Temple(30min) >> Myoshin-ji Temple(170min (include 120min Zen meditation)) >> Kegon-ji Temple (Suzumushi-dera Temple)(30min) [ TOTAL:5h (plus lunch break) ]
*Option : Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) and Koke-dera Temple can be added to this route. The total time of the route would be 8h.