Fire Festival of Kurama

I went to “Kurama” to see “Kurama-no-Himatsuri” (Fire Festival of Kurama). Ranked as one of the three most unique festivals in Kyoto, “Kurama-no-Himatsuri” is full of energy. around 6 pm on the same day as “Jidai-matsuri Festival“, people in Kurama start to parade toward “Yuki-jinja” Shrine with hundreds of “Taimatsu” (torches). The festival comes to its climax when all torches gather in front of the “Yuki-jinja” Shrine. “Taimatsu” (torches) came so close to spectators that I felt heat of the fire! It is also amazing that this festival has been held for over 1000 years in the district.
If you are interested in this thrilling and historical show, be ready for the crowd, and do not forget to wear comfortable shoes, and warm but nonflammable clothes!
(Staff S)