Aoi Matsuri Festival

I saw “Aoi Matsuri Festival“, one of Kyoto’s three major festivals, in the “Tadasu-no-mori” (forest which are in the precincts of “Shimogamo-jinja Shrine” and left ancient ecosystem in it). This festival even appears in “The Tale of Genji“, the famous classical novel written in Heian era around 1,000 years ago. I think that ancient parade went through “Tadasu-no-mori” as today’s pictures show. Current heroin is “Saio-dai” (behalf of “Saio“) rode palanquin. She must dress in the formal style of the imperial court, in other words, 12 layers of kimono, weighing 30 kg in total. Ancient heroin was “Saio” and hero was imperial envoy of the emperor. Both rode were in each oxcart. However current oxcarts of the parade are empty.