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Our recommendation! “Autumn in Kyoto”

  It has continued to autumnal good weather for more than two weeks in Kyoto. Mountains and leaves are turning to be red and yellow day by day. Climax of the autumn leaves in Kyoto is late November to first week of December usual year. How will be the autumn leaves of this year? Time when the autumn leaves look most beautiful is about 15:00 to 16:00. To tour the lights up autumn leaves at night admission of temples is also recommended. It is nice for long night in autumn. It has become the annual event at many temples where are famous for autumn leaves. My personal favorite is light …


Fire Festival of Kurama

I went to “Kurama” to see “Kurama-no-Himatsuri” (Fire Festival of Kurama). Ranked as one of the three most unique festivals in Kyoto, “Kurama-no-Himatsuri” is full of energy. around 6 pm on the same day as “Jidai-matsuri Festival“, people in Kurama start to parade toward “Yuki-jinja” Shrine with hundreds of “Taimatsu” (torches). The festival comes to its climax when all torches gather in front of the “Yuki-jinja” Shrine. “Taimatsu” (torches) came so close to spectators that I felt heat of the fire! It is also amazing that this festival has been held for over 1000 years in the district. If you are interested in this thrilling and historical show, be ready …


Jidai Matsuri Festival

  I went to see “Jidai Matsuri Festival“, one of the Kyoto three Greatest Festivals. I couldn’t see all of the parade, but it would be about 2km and participated by 2,000 people. The parade from in “Meiji” Restoration dates back to “Enryaku“, 8th when the palace was built here Kyoto reminded me again the long history not only Kyoto but Japan. While I live in Kyoto, I shall see all the parade! (Staff K)


Toro-nagashi in Arashiyama

  My friend sent me the pictures of “Toro-nagashi” in Arashiyama. “Toro-nagashi” is one of the famous Bon events to send the spirits of the dead to their country by flowing the small boats with lantern into the river. She wrote that she was very impressed by its mysterious beauty. I have never been to see “Toro-nagashi” in Arashiyama, even though I have wanted to see it for long. Because I have seen more familiar with “Daimonji Bonfire“, which can be seen in my neighborhood. Next year, I want to go to Arashiyama to see “Toro-nagashi” in the background of “Torii Bonfire“.


Daimonji Bonfire

  Tonight, I’ve been to see “Dainonji Bonfire“, with guests from Germany. I’ve lived here Kyoto for 2 years, but it was for the first time for me and of course the German guests either. We were really looking forward to seeing this as we saw many posters about “Daimonji” in the city. We saw from the riverside of Kamo River, one of the famous spot to see “Daimonji“. The bus to the spot was really jammed, which also excited us. On 8pm, just 8 o’clock, we found a fire spot on the mountain, and soon that, with applauses, fire spots emerged a lot constituting the figure “大“. Then gradually …


About “Omotenashi Kyoto Co., Ltd.”

“Omotenashi Kyoto Co., Ltd.” is freshly established this year. We aim to assist foreign visitors in Kyoto so that they can fully enjoy the sights, while also experiencing a touch of traditional Japanese culture.

More than 13 million foreign travelers came to Japan last year. Foreign travelers visiting Japan for sightseeing, business and medical tourism are expected to increase year by year, as the Japanese government focuses on tourism in view of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
We are proud to know that the world-famous “TRAVEL+LEISURE” magazine elected Kyoto as the world’s best city, but we also know that less than 20% of all who came to Japan actually visit Kyoto.

During my 25-year career in a Japanese subsidiary of a global company, I have seen many business travelers coming to Japan not being able to visit Kyoto during their off-time. That was because they didn’t have the time to collect information about Kyoto, not to mention time to make travel plans.
Recently, information about Kyoto is flooding on the Internet. Some information is genuine, but many are misleading. If you want a satisfying trip to Kyoto, you need to distinguish what is real, and experience them.

This is where we come in. We can arrange anything to meet the various requests of our foreign guests; sightseeing, cultural experience, accommodation, eating, shopping, and anything you can think about. Our wish is that foreign guests become great fans of Japan and build all kinds of genuine relationships with us, which can lead to deeper understanding in all aspects, and resulting in better business, social, or political relationships.

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